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Strategic Offsite Facilitation & Workshops
Solve your most critical business challenges and improve daily execution by directing the collective wisdom of your organization through our disciplined approach to problem solving.  
Leading businesses strive for flawless execution in delivering their value proposition – this is an essential element in delighting customers and creating sticky relationships. Unfortunately, flawless execution can be hampered by strategies that are vague or not well understood by the team; teams that struggle to execute on the strategy by barriers in process or policy; or teams that are not operating a peak efficiency due to lack of focus or cohesion. 

Through UTC Connect, leaders have an opportunity to connect their professional development to organizational objectives. Because our programs are designed to develop foundational principles that transcend fads, what students learn will endure organizational pressures, environmental changes, and the challenges that arise from connecting and growing a globally distributed team.

All programs include:
  • Skill development practice and coaching
  • Process for implementation
  • Templates for future use
  • Opportunities for real-time application of materials
Influencing Decision-Making
  This 60-minute workshop includes lecture and hands-on application of a decision-making framework intended to outline the methodology for developing recommended courses of action and communicating with clarity.​

Successful adoption of this practice within organizations include financial decisions, program approval, and other broad-impact implications that require clarity of thought and communication at all levels.

   Collaborative Problem-Solving

This 60-minute workshop includes lecture and hands-on application of collaborative problem-solving intended to break down barriers to execution.

Successful adoption of this practice within organizations include defining requirements for transforming business operations to support new strategic direction; minimizing risk while scaling new programs across an organization; rapid, in-stride program revisions to improve results.

Going Beyond the Post-Mortem

 This 60-minute workshop includes lecture and hands-on application of conducting an after action review to understand program or event results more effectively. Through the process, we uncover what happened, why it happened, and how we should operate in the future. More importantly, this shared learning also provides team members with a framework for communicating results and implications for Executive Leadership and organization-wide learning.

Successful adoption of this practice within organizations include quarterly review of high-value programs; evaluating the success of a pilot program and recommended actions for scale; sharing best practices across a distributed organization to drive consistency of results.

   Effective Communication Across a Distributed Organization

 During this 60-minute workshop, participants will learn the elements of clear, effective communication and begin to develop personal or organizational communication plans.

Successful adoption of this practice within organizations include clarity around message intent, reducing organization confusion and minimizing assumptions; more effective meetings; and stronger alignment around a given priority regardless of how distributed the organization is globally.

   Leading Through Adversity

This 60-minute program provides participants with a perspective on how transformative leaders lead through adversity. Whether the adversity is personal, professional, organizational, or global, truly transformative leaders demonstrate common actions and behaviors that bring an organization through the adversity to a place of successful resolution - and even growth.

Successful adoption of these principles within organizations result in a deeper level of team member engagement through adverse scenarios; a higher degree of calm when operating under pressure and in ambiguity; and a well-aligned team, prepared for future challenge.

Learn more: Leading Through Adversity Part 1 and Part 2

   Aligning Your Team to Succeed

This 1-2 week program is best done in connection with an annual planning or annual people review process and should include all levels of people managers. Participants will learn how to evaluate their organization’s long-term viability by aligning the team to its organizational priorities.

Successful adoption of this practice will provide organizations with clarity of role expectations, uniformity of team evaluations, and regular audits for future readiness across an organization.
More Teambuilding Workshops
    Accelerate the growth and performance of a newly formed team through our teambuilding workshops.  We help teams achieve their fullest potential, by helping them build trust, communicate more effectively, and focus on the critical success factors that drive their business forward.

Workshops include:
Embracing the Virtuous Cycle of Reinvention
Connecting Strategy to Execution and Results
Red Team Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning
Developing an Antifragile Team
Sales Objection Handling
Bespoke workshops based on your team or event needs
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