Program for Enterprise


Our business has become so complex that we no longer understand how it all fits together.

We are working to understand what roles are still necessary, where we have a skills gap, and how we can prepare the organization to evolve to meet future demand while still maintaining a quality customer experience today.


Strategic Planning: Articulate business objectives

Provide a common operating picture of how the organization connects to deliver the value chain from customer acquisition through product or service delivery and customer support.

Gap analysis: Interview team members across the organization to understand what value they think they bring to the organization and how they do their jobs effectively.

Compare results to leader expectations. Identify:

  • Organization overlaps
  • Organizational gaps
  • Cross-team friction points
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Opportunities for cost savings

Deliver read-out to senior executives and business partners.

Program manage solution implementation.


Improve team performance and impact by helping the organization understand how to work more effectively across the enterprise.

Reduce operating expenses by removing redundancies, implementing automation, establishing decision-making governance and accountability.

Provide HR with a documented organizational plan for hiring to fill critical gaps and plan for the future of the organization.

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Programs for Enterprise
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All UTC Partners programs include
Skill development practice and coaching
Process for implementation
Templates for future use
Opportunities for real-time applications of materials
Marc Dickstein

Marc is committed to empowering mid-career professionals who are eager to feel more engaged and fulfilled in their personal and professional lives. His programs are designed to inspire accomplished clients who are excited to make a shift from good to great.

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