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Data, data, everywhere, and not an action to be taken. Most organizations have data. Few have curated, automated business intelligence and the ability to communicate what that intelligence means in terms of tangible actions and outcomes.

With disparate data, many organizations struggle to align on what “truth” is. Data is easy to extract, manipulate, and interpret differently across an organization if there isn’t a well-defined set of standards and business definitions.

With Finance as the center of truth, the Executive Committee often develops a perspective on business performance before the business teams have an opportunity to:

  • Understand their own results, real-time
  • Develop an action plan for course correction
  • Come prepared to Executive reviews
  • Demonstrate effective command over the business as a trusted, competent leader


Work with leadership team to define and communicate KPIs for measures of effectiveness and business impact.

Work with business partners and team members to understand where disparate business performance data lives, who has access to it, and how it is leveraged.

Work with business partners to define and implement business requirements for more effective (clean) business intelligence (optimizing SFDC, defining unifying classifications across systems, etc.).

Develop a Business Performance dashboard that brings together all aspects of business performance into one common operating picture from which the organization will communicate results consistently, lead through accountability real-time, and drive the entire organization forward together.


With an automated business intelligence platform, business leaders can spend less time understanding what the results are and spend more time leading through what the business results mean and what the team should do differently to impact results.

With one common operating picture of business performance results, leaders across an organization can more effectively understand how they can work together to drive business performance.

With real-time access to results, leaders can make in-quarter changes to prioritize efforts around the areas of the business that will drive the most business value near-term.

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