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Whether you realize it or not, you are creating your legacy every day. Joe Bassani has built a career out of helping leaders build a legacy that makes a difference.
It is easy to confuse authority with leadership, but the truth is that formal authority has little to do with actual leadership.  Anyone can be given authority – over a project, a team, or an organization. But not all managers and executives are leaders. As an Officer in the United States Army, Joe learned firsthand, in peacetime and in combat, the value of authenticity in leadership. He applied the same principles to his career as a business executive. Since then, he has coached and mentored teams and leaders to create their own lasting legacies.
Whether in times of adversity or growth, leaders are tested to live up to the standards they set for others. Through his workshops and seminars, Joe provides his clients with the insights and tools they need to become authentic and effective leaders who strive to always be who they say they are.    

Workshops and Seminars

Developing an Antifragile Culture
​​Every year, private industry invests billions on programs designed to reduce risk and build resiliency, and yet… nearly two thirds of all businesses in the United States fail in the first 10 years of operation. In our increasingly complex and fast-paced world, it is more difficult than ever to predict the future and what to protect against.  We believe that being resilient is good, but being Antifragile is even better.
In our seminar on Developing an Antifragile Culture, we’ll explore the concept of Antifragility and how it applies to individuals, teams, organizations, and entire industries.  We’ll show you what is means for an organization to be Antifragile and how Antifragility protects against unforeseen and unknowable events. Finally, we’ll show you how Antifragile organizations thrive in chaos and uncertainty and become masters of their fate.   
While your competitors are building resiliency into their systems to withstand the turbulence of changing markets and new technologies, why not learn to be Antifragile, grow stronger and even thrive in the face of disruptive events?
Antifragile is how best-selling author and Distinguished Professor of Risk
Engineering Nassim Talib describes systems and organisms that thrive in chaos and
uncertainty. We’ll show you what it means to you and your organization.
Leading Through Adversity

    Am I really prepared to lead my organization through a crisis? One of the most critical challenges every leader must be prepared to face is how to lead through difficult and uncertain times.  Regardless of the industry or profession, when adversity strikes, teams look to their leaders for strength and guidance.   Unfortunately, there are few places where leaders can go to learn the art of leadership in a crisis. Our seminar on Leading Through Adversity offers leaders access to a unique curriculum and instructors with over 60 years of combined real-world experience leading through crisis in business, military and law enforcement.  We’ll give you practical strategies to prepare yourself and your team to deal with the uncertainty of chaos and win together through the most challenging circumstances.  We will show you how to not merely survive, but to come out on top.      

Leading Growth Through Change

Today’s business leaders are struggling to balance the need for growth with the imperative to transform their organizations in a constantly changing business environment.  In our seminar, Leading Growth Through Change, we explore how leaders can build a culture that embraces change as not merely a “one-off” event, but rather as the new normal in a world where change is the only constant.  Using award-winning decision making researcher David Snowden’s Cynefin Model as a central framework, students learn to use different leadership tools and techniques to be effective in simple, complicated, complex and chaotic environments.  We will also help you understand how to begin building a culture of continuous change and improvement in your organization.
    Red Teaming - Understanding Risk & Capitalizing On It
Do you want to make better-informed strategic decisions?  In our Red Teaming/Wargaming seminar, UTC Partners will guide you and your team through a simulation that will allow leaders and teams to visualize the execution of your plan in the context of potential actions of others (competitors, customers, regulators, etc.) in a given situation.   The war-gaming process promotes synchronization of all activities in time, space and purpose, and allows you to understand your plan in the context of the current or expected environment, visualize what a successful outcome looks like, describe your vision to your team in as the wargame unfolds, and direct follow on actions to adjust for lessons learned.
From Our Clients

Lasting impressions

Transformative insights

 “After Joe’s presentation, I thought a lot about his remarks relating to leading through adversity. It made such an impact on me that I have I changed the way I operate.”

     ~ Vice President of Sales
Joe is very creative and engaging - he is not just another person speaking about leadership. He provided us with new systems of thinking for our leaders, gave us concrete examples to illustrate the power of collaboration, and taught us how to inspire at any level. He has a personal approach to understanding his audience and sharing his experience. 

     ~ Area Director for Leadership Development
We believe that great companies are never truly satisfied.  We believe in the power of the team, and that the best decisions are rarely made in isolation.  We believe that companies that invest in the development of their leaders and teams outperform those that don’t.