Leadership Coaching & Development
Develop winning leaders who connect decentralized execution to a common strategic vision, operating as part of a network of influencers that thrive in a fast-moving, constantly changing environment.
By nature of title, leaders are expected to demonstrate discernment, clear decision-making, powerful motivation, and a confident path forward. Companies often assume leaders will come to these skills naturally or by the experiences they have already had. Leadership coaching provides leaders at all levels (executives, new managers, high-potential contributors) with a trusted advisor committed to the personal success of each. Coaching sessions are a productive opportunity to explore frameworks for decision-making, handling challenging interactions, delivering critical messages, and developing lasting skills that will benefit the larger enterprise by giving leaders the tools they need to lead confidently. 
Senior Executive Onboarding
Bring incoming Senior Executives up to speed quickly and effectively through a well-crafted onboarding process. By doing so, the leadership team will deliver comprehensive 360-degree situational awareness of the business, the team, and the team members. Through this 90-Day plan, the incoming Senior Executive will be able to operate with confidence and create an immediate impact at every level in the organization.
Leadership Coaching
Provide leaders with the tools they need to drive results effectively while operating in a complex environment with a high demand for agility. Strong leaders at every level create a natural path for rapid growth and sustainable succession planning.  Leadership coaching provides tailored professional growth plans and accountability for development through a series of 1:1 coaching sessions. As a result, leaders develop a greater sense of what it takes to lead motivated, winning teams.
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Small Group Leadership Seminars
Develop strength across a network of leaders within a team or among partnering organizations. Through small group workshops, leaders learn to reduce friction in the system by connecting productively to solve multidisciplinary challenges for the organization, operating under a common set of guidelines for productive communication. Workshops also result in increased and demonstrative trust as leaders learn how individual strengths come together to build competency and connection among a diverse group.

Workshops include:
Embracing the Virtuous Cycle of Reinvention
Connecting Strategy to Execution and Results
Red Team Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning
Developing an Antifragile Team
Sales Objection Handling
Bespoke workshops based on your team or event needs

    We believe that high performance is achieved when leaders demonstrate their concern for their team members by trusting their intentions, valuing their contributions and providing them with opportunities for growth and development.  We believe that leaders are a strategic asset; that leadership is a skill to be nurtured and developed.