Executive Coaching

Leaders are your most strategic assets. Provide them with the tools they need to succeed.
Bringing Executive Leaders into the company is a strategic decision that is made with careful consideration and the assumption that past performance is an indicator of future success. Even still, companies are at risk for unproductive churn and disruption as leadership changes. Success for the company and the Executive is critically dependent on how quickly that new leader can connect meaningfully with the team, generate buy-in for a path forward, and hit the ground running. Executive Coaching programs are designed to assess the situation, partner with the Executive and sponsoring Leadership to develop a coaching plan, and coach the Executive through that plan with powerful and productive results.
Connecting With Your Executive Leaders
Executive Coaching is intended to support:

• Recently hired Executives
• Leaders from newly acquired businesses who bring teams into a new culture
• Existing Executives with opportunities for development
• Recently promoted Executives with a larger scope of responsibility
• High potential leaders supporting a strategic succession plan

UTC will partner with your organization to align coaching results with organizational objectives.

Getting Started

Coaching is most effective in six-month engagements in connection with professional development plans. Coaching may be initiated through human resources, a sponsoring leader, or the executive client directly. In all cases, coaching can only be effective if the executive client is willing to participate actively in the coaching program.
The Process

A coaching plan is kicked off with an introductory call with the executive client and sponsoring leaders or delegates. On this call we discuss scope and desired results.

In most engagements, UTC Partners will conduct a 360-review to understand current leader impact on the organization. UTC Partners will analyze input and summarize opportunities for development. All personally identifiable information will be removed from results, providing only actionable insights to inform a coaching plan.

UTC Partners will then work with the executive client to develop a coaching plan with specific objectives to address feedback and organizational objectives.

After three months, we will work together to reevaluate the coaching plan  based on progress against objectives and then adjust the remainder of the coaching plan accordingly. At the conclusion of the engagement, UTC Partners may provide a second 360-review to demonstrate progress against the initial review.
Typical Coaching Topics

  • Delivering constructive feedback

  • Building alignment across partnering organizations

  • Keeping the team focused on critical objectives

  • Designing a dynamic, collaborative leadership team that is built to last

  • Motivating teams through challenging business environments

  • Developing a greater sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Fostering an environment of open, productive communication

  • Improving productivity among colleagues with cultural, tecnhical, generational or tenure differences that might generate conflict day-to-day.
How we Connect 

Coaching engagements will include one monthly in-person session supported by periodic calls. Calls will be conducted by the method preferred by your organization and can include:

  • Phone
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • ​Conferencing platforms 

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    We believe that high performance is achieved when leaders demonstrate their concern for their team members by trusting their intentions, valuing their contributions and providing them with opportunities for growth and development.  We believe that leaders are a strategic asset; that leadership is a skill to be nurtured and developed.