Operating Mechanics
Achieve your strategic vision by focusing your team around aligned objectives and a simplified operating rhythm that links strategy to daily execution.​​
Your internal operating mechanics are either an asset or a liability, particularly in a globally distributed organization where information can fall through the cracks. These operations serve to align your team around a common vision and strategy, speed effective decision-making, and maintain a steady cadence of fewer, more effective meetings to focus the organization around the needs of the business.  Done well, effective operating mechanics are a distinct competitive advantage providing your team with the tools to recognize, signal, and lead through change. Create the shortest path to achieving your most critical business objectives. 
Strategic Alignment
Align your team around a global enterprise strategy that cascades down to coherent, supportable business strategies, while ensuring that resources and management processes are in place to support superior execution. Our team will help you clearly articulate your strategy, several levels down in the organization, and link those strategies to programs and actions throughout the business. 
Decision-Making Frameworks
Ensure your recurring decisions are handled routinely as “business-as-usual,” and master those “one-off” decisions through our proven decision-making process for rapid, opportunistic decision-making that moves faster than your competition.
Organizational Operating Rhythm
Streamline the impact of meetings and reduce the friction created by last minute, “pop up” requirements, with an operating rhythm that is aligned to your strategy and built around your decision-making framework. We help you build predictability in your cadence and free up “white space” on your calendar so you can focus on building your business, rather than putting out fires. 
We believe that inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes; that no one comes to work hoping to fail and that everyone deserves great leadership.  We believe that personal growth comes from service to others and that the best teams are comprised of committed individuals who care about each other and the common goals to which they are aligned.