Global Distribution

Technology Implementation


A global distribution company was completing its global implementation of a new ERP, replacing a legacy system that had been in place for nearly several decades. As the most profitable region in the company, the North American region was the last region scheduled to convert. Realizing that many of the business processes that they had been using for decades would be suited to the new system, the company needed to review and re-engineer all of their operational processes that deliver value to customers to account for changes in the new ERP.


We deployed teams to facilitate a series of integrated planning teams centered around the business processes that the company employed to serve their diverse set of customers. Our efforts focused on defining new requirements for sales, quoting, expediting, value added services, and complex customers. We helped define the current state and match it against the new requirements, including organizational restructuring, solving for likely friction points, automating the value chain where possible, and defining new processes to deliver a consistently positive customer experience.


The company implemented the new processes and continued to refine them post-implementation. The result was a near-seamless implementation and an enterprise reorganization, aligned with the new processes. Our client maintained its profitability and was positioned for growth through scale and operational efficiency.

Strategic Planning

The world is being disrupted by technology. That is well-known, but what to do about it. Every company is planning for the future, but most are finding it difficult to execute on these plans, while simultaneously operating their business and delivering on the current value proposition to their current customers today.
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