Salesforce Strategy & Governance


A global SaaS organization struggled to connect SFDC pipeline value with actual business results.

The organization also struggled with having one trusted source for customer insights. Each sales leader managed his or her team’s pipeline offline via spreadsheet and spent time preparing static presentations for internal business reviews and account QBRs. As a result, the team unintentionally wasted time preparing inconsistent content and presented outdated results in key business meetings

Finally, the organization wanted to improve its lead management accountability and ADR behavioral performance metrics to improve quality of leads and improve lead conversion rates.


Over a 3-month time period, we:

  • Improved lead progression between Account Development and Field Sales
  • Documented a new sales process
  • Developed SFDC-generated templates for Account QBR
  • Developed pipeline and behavioral performance dashboards across the organization to improve ADR and Field Sales coaching and accountability


Through this effort, the organization was able to improve the quality of activity and insights across the organization, providing all team members with access to view and understand customers more effectively.

The more consistent approach to business and account reviews provided the leadership team an opportunity to more effectively calibrate the
skill level of the organization and identify areas of improvement.

Finally, the organization was able to have a higher degree of confidence in pipeline value because of their alignment around the revised Sales process.

Business Intelligence

Data, data, everywhere, and not an action to be taken. Most organizations have data. Few have curated, automated business intelligence and the ability to communicate what that intelligence means in terms of tangible actions and outcomes.
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