Sales Onboarding & Development


A global SaaS organization wanted to build consistency around hiring and onboarding for its Sales organization. They learned that their new sales reps took more than 18 months to ramp to full pipeline. To improve field performance, the objective was to onboard new sales reps and give them the tools and training they needed to accomplish a full pipeline in 12 months or less.


Over a 3-month time period, we:

  • Identified skills and knowledge required to sell effectively
  • Curate existing content and partner with the organization to create content that doesn’t exist
  • Develop a 12-month training schedule that tapers off in hours per week over time
  • Built in leader coaching and review
  • Publish to online learning portal or knowledge center


Sales team members were onboarded consistently and leaders could measure their ramp time against pre-defined onboarding skill development metrics.

This gave Sales leadership a more effective skill calibration capability to know whether the new rep was likely to become high-performing.


Our business has become so complex that we no longer understand how it all fits together.We are working to understand what roles are still necessary, where we have a skills gap, and how we can prepare the organization to evolve to meet future demand while still maintaining a quality customer experience today.
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