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A global SaaS organization struggled to connect Sales, Marketing, and Product Management together over a common purpose and shared insights. As a result, the Sales team felt that they lacked the tools and content they needed to be successful with prospective customers.

Similarly, Marketing and Product Management were generating content, sharing it via email, or bringing it into Sales calls to help deliver the
messaging. This created a culture of immediacy, version control chaos, and redundancy.

As a result, there was no standard of self-serve customer journey content and the organization was investing in wasted time and resources, because nothing was scalable nor repeatable.


Over 3 months, developed an internal Knowledge Center using the organization’s already existing Office365 products.

This served as the central resource for:

  • Understanding who does what in the organization
  • Sharing consistent content that mapped against a customer journey for all products and services
  • Guidelines for how to accomplish day-to-day transactions across business partnering organizations (procurement, legal, etc.)
  • Leadership development resources


This knowledge center brought the organization together around one common understanding of the business. It also provided Sales with the tools to be successful, improving trust with Marketing and Product Management as a result.

By structuring what type of product content was available, the organization was able to simplify materials and improve their quality of impact.

Finally, the knowledge center served as a continually improving onboarding resource for the entire organization, providing each new hire an opportunity to learn more about the organization and its products and services.

Knowledge Center Development

Business typically moves faster than one organization communicates. As a result, the enterprise struggles to stay in sync. Over time, this leads to pockets of knowledge and context where the few tenured team members hold all of the organization's historic knowledge.
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