Knowledge Center


A multinational hardware manufacturer was shifting its strategy and brand to meet the needs of a changing channel market.

With distributed Sales and Marketing organizations operating in silos, even down to the country level within regions, the company risked brand confusion and mistrust among channel customers without a strong, consistent demonstration of commitment to its partners.


Build a platform for communication engaging all regions for sales and marketing into one weekly forum, sharing customer insights and global
program development and results. This aligned the organization around a single set of metrics, comparable across all regions. It also gave the
field an environment in which to communicate its channel customer feedback, improving relationships in a tenuous market.

Develop a Knowledge Center as the single source of truth for all brand messaging, program assets, and critical forum content. This gave the
global team access to one consistent set of guidelines, unifying the new brand message globally, beyond sales and marketing and into the rest of the company. The Knowledge Center also provided an unintended benefit of quickly bringing newly acquired companies up to speed on brand, product, distribution, marketing, and events. The Knowledge Center was widely praised as the best new-hire onboarding tool available in the market.


The organization improved the quality of its communication and knowledge sharing.

As a result, the company achieved brand consistency and strategic alignment through its sales, marketing, and distribution channels and continues its global forums for more aligned execution against the company strategy.

Knowledge Center Development

Business typically moves faster than one organization communicates. As a result, the enterprise struggles to stay in sync. Over time, this leads to pockets of knowledge and context where the few tenured team members hold all of the organization's historic knowledge.
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