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A global electronics distributor needed a way to connect its distributed workforce to its new go-to-market strategy. To support this new strategy, the organization was also implementing new ERP system and restructuring its team to operate more effectively in this new environment.

With these combined change initiatives, comes a natural stress response throughout the team. To support its team members during this time,
the leadership team needed a way of communicating and connecting the organization at scale.


For 6 months we:

  • Helped the leadership articulate its strategy
  • Collected insights from team members about roles and responsibilities
  • Documented process and troubleshooting guidelines
  • Published Knowledge Center content to the existing Sharepoint platform (no new platform investment required)
  • Trained team members on developing and maintaining content


As a result, team members have been able to self-serve to find what they are looking for, reducing email traffic and eliminating version control challenges.

Engagement has grown to more than 3,000 users and more than 77,000 site visits in 6 months.

The site has served many functions including a central location for rapid response to field questions about how national government decisions are impacting their customers. As a result, all field team members have access to consistent answers for support.

Knowledge Center Development

Business typically moves faster than one organization communicates. As a result, the enterprise struggles to stay in sync. Over time, this leads to pockets of knowledge and context where the few tenured team members hold all of the organization's historic knowledge.
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