Global Distribution

Communicating at Scale


A global distribution company was challenged with silos across business units and teams. Within the North American region, there
was a significant disconnect between the company HQ and the more than 40 sales offices and over 800 sales professionals. Aligning the team on strategy, speeding decision making, clarifying challenges and soliciting buy in was an on-going challenge. Moreover, the leadership wanted to leverage the wisdom and expertise of the team members who had daily contact with customers and suppliers “on the ground”, but geographical distance and layers of management made that extremely difficult.


Our coaches established, in phases, a weekly one-hour communication forum that allowed the team to hold meaningful conversations via video teleconference and phone link on a variety of topics that were critical to the business. From quarter close actions, to tariff restriction, to supply chain issues and business operations, these discussions allowed the leadership to provide transparency to the team and explain decision that affected the sales teams and their customers. They also allowed the sales teams to raise critical business issues, in real time, to the leadership for clarity and eventual resolution.


Collaboration increased across the business, resulting in streamlined quarter close actions, faster issue escalation and resolution and increased employee engagement across the business units. Best practices were shared and issues became known before they became critical.


Whether you realize it or not, you are communicating every day, and the unintended consequences of poor messaging can be catastrophic.Communicating clearly and effectively at scale is an essential leadership skill.
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