Business Operations


The new Chief Marketing Officer of a global SaaS company was hired to take the business from “legacy start-up” mode to a well established, professional organization.

On arrival, there was little by way of operating structure, leadership guidelines, hiring best practices, onboarding methodology, or shared business intelligence.

As a result, every team member operated with good intentions and did their best, but there was no real definition of the value of what Marketing could bring to the organization and therefore had less impact from their efforts than was possible.


Over 6 months, provided the marketing organization with the following:

  • A structured candidate interview and onboarding process
  • Team member evaluation and organizational calibration guidelines
  • Communication training
  • Annual planning and operating rhythm
  • Ongoing product training
  • Repeatable executive performance review including automated dashboards


This resulted in:

  • Consistent hiring standards that elevated the organization’s capabilities
  • More frequent and effective communication across the organization and with internal business partners
  • Repeatable annual planning and results-based accountability

Strategic Planning

The world is being disrupted by technology. That is well-known, but what to do about it. Every company is planning for the future, but most are finding it difficult to execute on these plans, while simultaneously operating their business and delivering on the current value proposition to their current customers today.
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