Global Distribution

Business Intelligence as a Core Competency


A global distributor needed to arm its sales leaders with more effective data insights to manage their business. Most leaders received multiple spreadsheets each week and would spend hours pivoting, summarizing, and combining files to present to their teams. By the time the data was shared, it was outdated.


Working with business partners and sales leadership, we designed operational dashboards that brought together disparate data to provide a real-time update of the health of the business to include revenue, profitability, working capital, and customer health.


The organization is now able to have one common view of the business, saving several days worth of team member productivity per week pulling data together for customers, suppliers, and their team.

Business Intelligence

Data, data, everywhere, and not an action to be taken. Most organizations have data. Few have curated, automated business intelligence and the ability to communicate what that intelligence means in terms of tangible actions and outcomes.
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