Brendan Kearney
Brendan Kearney retired from the United States Marine Corps as a colonel completing 31 years of service.  He is an expert in strategy development, deliberate planning and execution, strategic communication and organizational change management. 

Brendan is a highly experienced infantry combat leader, having commanded at every level in the Marine Corps, from a platoon, regiment, and at the Joint Task Force levels. Assignments in Communications, Command, and Control, along with Logistics and International Issues rounded out his career. Additionally, he has served as Chief of Staff at two separate headquarters in both Asia and Europe/Africa.

In his post-Marine Corps career, Brendan has worked in the high-tech industry as a Vice President for Operation and Director of Operations for firms focused on data collection/collation in austere environments along with emergency mass notification.  He has consulted for a number of start-ups in government/business processes, cyber, innovative energy applications, innovative housing solutions, foreign business partnerships, business continuity/resiliency, along with providing national security assessments for foreign governments. He has also performed Regional Program Manager Responsibilities administering a Federal Anti-Terrorism Grant Program in Northern California. Finally, Brendan also has over a decades experience as a National Security and International Affairs media consultant for KPIX TV and KCBS radio in San Francisco.

The son of immigrants, Brendan has thrived in cross cultural environments. No stranger to adversity and complexity and their inherent opportunity, Brendan has developed a talent for analysis and identification of problems while guiding and motivating his teammates in the application of common sense in connecting strategy to execution and results.
 Brendan holds a Master of Science in National Security Strategy from the National War College and a Bachelor of Arts degree (Government) from the University of San Francisco. Additionally, he completed a one year fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Seminar XXI – Foreign Policy, International Relations, and the National Interest.

A resident of Northern California’s Wine Country, Brendan has served on a number of Non-profit Boards of Directors for organizations focused on Veterans and Youth Leadership Programs.