Our Credo
Core values drive outcomes. These are ours:
1Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes

We believe that inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes; that no one comes to work hoping to fail and that everyone deserves great leadership.  We believe that personal growth comes from service to others and that the best teams are comprised of committed individuals who care about each other and the common goals to which they are aligned.

2Trust builds high performing teams

We believe that high performance is achieved when leaders demonstrate their concern for their team members by trusting their intentions, valuing their contributions and providing them with opportunities for growth and development.  We believe that leaders are a strategic asset; that leadership is a skill to be nurtured and developed.  

3High-performing companies develop their leaders

We believe that great companies are never truly satisfied.  We believe in the power of the team, and that the best decisions are rarely made in isolation.  We believe that companies that invest in the development of their leaders and teams outperform those that don’t.

4We honor our commitments and deliver tangible value

We believe it is important to be who we say we are — to work hard, honor our promises, deliver value to our clients, and serve our communities with humility and gratitude.

5We believe in our clients

We believe in our clients and will always act in their best interest.  We believe our highest calling is to help them achieve their business goals.  We believe in the power of our network of influencers to deliver value to our clients.  With our help and facilitation, we believe our clients have it in their power to master the transitions in a constantly changing environment and achieve greatness.


Our approach to helping clients transform is adapted from the US Army mission command and operations doctrine.  We divide our approach into four distinct activities: Understand, Visualize, Describe and Direct.  

Achieving a common understanding, visualizing the road ahead and describing it to all stakeholders sets the conditions for success as we execute the plan. This proven framework allows us to partner with you to deliver  tailored outcomes for your specific needs using the right tools for every objective, while also delivering on a reliable methodology so you know what to expect throughout the journey.


There’s perception, and there’s reality. Achieving a commonly shared understanding your current state is key to deciding where to go next and how to get there. With a common understanding of the current situation, you will have a better opportunity to set context align your organization around the path forward. Through our discovery, we help you gain valuable insights that will allow you to envision a new future for you and your team
and inform your plan to get there.

People – Whether focusing on individual needs, team dynamics or organizational culture, understanding the human dimension in the organization lays the foundation for our work.

Performance – Understanding human factors in context with business performance against your strategy helps to shape a perspective of how the organization works together to achieve results.

Barriers – Identifying barriers to execution allows us to help you develop root cause analysis and implement an actionable plan to eliminate challenges and achieve superior results.

Once we have a holistic understanding of your individual, team and organizational situation, we help you take stock of the resources and opportunities available to you and visualize the way forward to achieve your desired end state in tangible terms.

People – Are you and your organization prepared to execute on the new vision? Do you have the right people in the right positions to maximize their impact? We will help you analyze the skills sets, knowledge and experience required for success and help you develop a plan for personal and team success.

Performance – How will you know what success looks like when you achieve it? Deciding what to measure and how you will do it is critical to creating a vision that you and your team can execute against. Many organizations struggle to move beyond this point, because they struggle with a commitment to accountability. UTC Partners helps organizations commit to outcomes, driving quick wins and lasting solutions built for achieving results.

Barriers – What will prevent you from achieving your vision? We will help you identify the barriers and how you can overcome them on the pathway to success.

Putting your vision into action is the ultimate goal of our process. We will team with you to build a detailed plan that will allow you to communicate, align and execute across the organization – within your own team and including critical business partners along the way.

People – We help you plan for the human component of the change by describing the new skills, organizational structure and leader competencies required and how to bring your team along on the journey.
Performance – We help you align your operational rhythm, business processes and metrics to optimize execution in pursuit of your new vision.

Barriers – We partner with you to create a comprehensive risk management plan to identify risks before they unfold and mitigate the impact from day one.

Once the plan is built, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you to help keep things moving and make adjustments along the way. We help you monitor execution of the plan and adapt as necessary to ensure your vision of success becomes reality.

People – are you seeing the kind of behaviors that will lead to success an a winning culture? We can help coach you and your team to go beyond embracing the change to capitalizing on it.

Performance – Throughout our partnership, we will continue to provide in progress reviews and connect progress to your objectives. We’ll work together to adjust the approach to reach your objectives.

Barriers – Are we solving well for the known knowns and building the right listening devices to monitor for the unknowns? Through team and leader coaching, your organization will learn to recognize new barriers before they become existential threats.

Outcomes matter

Having a great strategy and the right resources only drives the intended results if your entire organization carries it forward to the last tactical mile.

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Jennifer Turner-Davis

Jennifer brings a sense of curiosity and inclusion to her work by unraveling the mysteries of human behavior and harnessing the power of social connection. She believes that positive, lasting change occurs when people have a values-focused commitment to their goals.