Alejandro Sandoval
Alejandro (Alex) Sandoval is driven to make things happen. He does this through efficient problem solving, teamwork, communication, integrity, resourcefulness, and grit. Through  his experiences, Alex developed a passion for implementation and innovation with an understanding that overall strategic objectives should be met with actionable, measurable, and efficient implementation. As a result, Alex works with teams to turn great ideas into operational reality.

Alex developed his perspective while working on the railroad. He worked his way up through Norfolk Southern and across the country before leading one of the busiest rail terminals on the east coast. His efforts led to increased volumes, increased efficiency, lower cost, and overall greater performance. Through these experiences, Alex developed the belief that if a leader demonstrates the right behaviors and holds people accountable, great results tend to follow. These and other principles are what drove his team’s success.

Alex believes that great results come from developing and promoting team member skills and talent. He focuses his development efforts on providing quality training, personal development, coaching, and clear communication. While working on the railroad, he created an in-depth training manual for new conductors and supervisors for over five-thousand miles of territory encompassing multiple railroad terminals, and several hundred customer sites in the Midwest. He was able to create tangible value  by establishing excellent working relationships with diverse groups of local employees, union representatives, customers, and managers. Through this experience, he learned the value of a network of influencers across organizations and makes it a practice to develop these networks wherever he is.

Alex believes that asking the hard questions with respect and tact is the only way to make progress. As a result, he is able to work with leaders at all levels to implement new approaches to tackle tough business challenges. He also recognizes that new ideas often come from past experiences.  Alex’s respect for precedent helped him to connect teams to learn from the past and drive a path forward.

Alex has never been one to shy away from a challenge or an adventure. Alex has been a musher on his own sled dog team in the arctic, and a junior scientist and watch officer for a sailing vessel on the pacific ocean. He has also backpacked extensively across the United States and Europe multiple times. These experiences yielded a person with courage, independence, and the self determination to overcome any obstacle. Just as important though, Alex also learned a lot about people. He met many on his travels, and developed a deep sense of empathy, compassion, and humility. As a result, Alex developed his belief that diverse, mindful, and emotionally intelligent leaders and teams can overcome any obstacle. He seeks to live this belief everyday, both at work and in his personal life.

Alex has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Lafayette college.