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Meet Marc Dickstein

Marc Dickstein, founder of Plus Marc, is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) committed to empowering mid-career professionals who are eager to feel more engaged and fulfilled in their personal and professional lives. His programs are designed to inspire accomplished clients who are excited to make a shift from good to great. With this in mind, Marc facilitates judgement-free, enjoyable opportunities to create and accomplish meaningful goals.

In addition to 1×1 coaching programs, Marc collaborates with corporate clients interested in providing meaningful growth and development opportunities to employees. From talent development sessions to on-boarding coaching and employee resource group D&I workshops, Marc customizes programs to align with priority objectives and outcomes with key parameters in mind.

Before launching Plus Marc, Marc received his certification from The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and spent over ten years leading People, Operations, Design, and Marketing teams in retail, media, and advertising technology. He’s currently a Board Member, Coach, and Co-Founder of Out in Tech, a 15,000+ member non-profit that unites the global LGBTQ+ tech community. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania and he currently serves as a Steering Committee Member and Student Mentor for PennGALA. He has lived in New York City, San Francisco, and he now resides in Philadelphia with his husband, Mark, and the cutest Miniature Schnauzer on the planet, Bubby. Please visit Marc’s website and LinkedIn profile for more information.