UTC Network of Influencers
Our Credo

We believe that inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes; that no one comes to work hoping to fail and that everyone deserves great leadership.  We believe that personal growth comes from service to others and that the best teams are comprised of committed individuals who care about each other and the common goals to which they are aligned.

We believe that high performance is achieved when leaders demonstrate their concern for their team members by trusting their intentions, valuing their contributions and providing them with opportunities for growth and development.  We believe that leaders are a strategic asset; that leadership is a skill to be nurtured and developed.  

We believe that great companies are never truly satisfied.  We believe in the power of the team, and that the best decisions are rarely made in isolation.  We believe that companies that invest in the development of their leaders and teams outperform those that don’t.

We believe it is important to be who we say we are -- to work hard, honor our promises, deliver value to our clients, and serve our communities with humility and gratitude.

We believe in our clients and will always act in their best interest.  We believe our highest calling is to help them achieve their business goals.  We believe in the power of our network of influencers to deliver value to our clients.  With our help and facilitation, we believe our clients have it in their power to master the transitions in a constantly changing environment and achieve greatness.

The Search for Longitude
UTC Partners derives its foundation from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) - or Zulu.
UTC is the world time standard from which we all measure our position in the world. UTC Partners is located in California, so we're 8 hours behind UTC (previously known as GMT). For us, Zulu represents a fixed point - like an important objective - and our relative position from it, so we know what it will take to align our resources and navigate our course to that end successfully. When everyone on the team sees that destination point and can align efforts to carry us there, we win together and it is a spectacular journey.

How can we help you reach your Zulu? Contact us. We'll be glad to learn more about your path to success.